Workshops & Programs

Workshops & Programs

Offering encouragement and hope, we seek out small sparks within your congregation and work jointly with you to affect positive change. Our Health & Growth offerings include individual workshops as well as multiphase programs on various topics. You can begin the process of renewal and revitalization with a short, 2-hour workshop, and that success may lead to a much bigger process with a multiphase program done over many months.

Our process includes listening sessions, surveys, verbal and written reports, training, and coaching sessions as we help you explore and assess your unique situation and current congregational health in a more focused way. The individual sparks of enthusiasm and the willingness to be brave is transformative and often lights a collective fire of renewal. Our goal is to help you and your congregation with that transformation, renewal, and revitalization while maintaining important traditions and values.

We offer:

"thought provoking, yet non-threatening which allowed engaged communication"

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