A Unique Resource

"Claire provided excellent leadership for our 2014 Vestry retreat at Mariawald Retreat Center. She combined the mind of a teacher, the ears of a spiritual director, the heart of a pastor and the hands of a manager to make for a truly spiritually enriching and productive planning experience. She is a unique resource shaped for the needs of the ecumenical church, as we approach the third decade of the 21st century. I highly recommend her as a partner in mission and ministry."

The Rev. David Robert Green, D. Min.
Rector, St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church
Douglassville, PA

A New Mindset

"As a result of attending a "Hospitality 101" workshop, we elected to bring Claire Young to the church to perform a hospitality audit. She attended our worship service, explored our worship spaces and all other areas of the church, looking for those things that are not inviting to visitors or members of congregations.

Claire was very open about the areas that presented themselves to her during her visits as being uninviting and unwelcoming. Following her hospitality audit, Claire met with our Council members and laid out our weaknesses and encouraged us to find the strengths to change the weak areas. We have been acting on many of the suggestions and making plans to continue to build a new mindset regarding hospitality."

Rev. Fran Merkel
Supply Pastor, St. John's Gernant’s Church
Leesport, PA

Engaged Communications

"We invited Claire to help our church council evaluate our congregation's potential for revitalization and develop a plan for working on the changes needed to begin this process.

Her style of presentation allowed all participants to be open and honest about their experiences and desires for the church. Her questions were thought provoking, yet non-threatening which allowed engaged communication between both her and the participants as well as between the participants and each other.

Claire's evaluation based upon this conversation showed that she is a wonderful listener and demonstrated accurate insight into the challenges facing our congregation. It was candid and honest, yet communicated with great compassion and even a touch of humor.

We found her suggestions to be practical, relevant, and quite doable. Based upon our experience, we would highly recommend Claire to anyone who is searching for assistance in revitalizing their congregation's sense of spirit and mission."

The Reverend Debora K. Gifford
Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church
Gouglersville, PA

Working Together to Discover Opportunities

"I began attending Claire's workshops within the first year of my ministry at Kissinger's. As a pastor, I am always searching for ways to help my church become better as an organization in order to reach the lost.

Claire offers seminars for specific needs that may be unique to each church. It was during my second or third seminar within 2 years that I felt impressed to invite Claire to help my church which had stopped growing.

We hosted a ‘Discipleship Seminar' which led to a ‘Hospitality Audit.' This was a great help. Claire helped us to identify areas of our church that needed immediate improvement, including our worship service, our bulletin, and our leadership structure.

This led us to Natural Church Development, and NCD helped us identify our ‘Minimum Factor' or the weakest area of our church. We're already seeing improvements in the early stages of implementing changes in this area.

Claire is not only a great mentor to me as a pastor but helps me and my leaders discover where we need improvement, not necessarily telling us, but drawing out principles as we work together.

I highly recommend Claire to help your church become a healthy, growing congregation!"

Pastor David Reinwald
Kissinger's Church
Wyomissing, PA

Strengthening Ministry within Congregations

"Our church participated in three workshops sponsored by RBCC and led by Claire Young. Each workshop presented ideas and suggestions to strengthen ministry within congregations, and to embolden leaders to be innovative and develop strategies to lead their congregations in new directions. Claire reaches out to participants in the workshops in a warm and down-to-earth manner; she presents information and material in a manner participants can understand, and offers answers to questions that arise. She has a plethora of suggestions and innovative ideas, and encourages participants or church teams to develop at least one plan to act on based on the material presented at that specific workshop."

Rev. Fran Merkel
Supply Pastor, St. John's Gernant’s Church
Leesport, PA

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