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Multiphase Programs

If your congregation is ready to dive in and focus on becoming a more healthy and growing congregation—possibly as a result of successful workshops—we'll work with you to define a multiphase program based on your available time, energy, and funds. A more in-depth analysis of a specific aspect of congregational life, or engaging in a full-church Natural Church Development process, is an exciting journey. Together we'll craft a timeline and highlight specific goals to be achieved.

Leadership Consultation Program

Many times Leadership Teams, whether they're called Council, Consistory, Elder Board, or other titles, simply get stuck. A consultation session is a relatively quick and easy way to get out of a rut and begin to get back on track towards growth and rekindling excitement. Often having an outsider's view helps bring clarity and focus, enabling renewed action. Most often, this process can be accomplished in as little as two months, and includes the following:

Additionally, Leadership Teams may want or need to 'get-away-from-it-all' occasionally. If you are considering a retreat for your team, we can serve as a resource to help plan and lead these events. Whether it is a simple half day or a more extended weekend retreat, sessions can be structured using topics from our workshops or developed with new content based on your current unique situation. Some examples include a three-session look at past, present, and future outreach plans; a half-day formation event to blend new and old team members; and a day-long retreat on spiritual formation for leaders and workers. We're happy to meet with you to develop ideas to achieve your goals of renewing and encouraging leadership.

Hospitality "Check-up" Program

Growing congregations continually welcome new guests, and it's important that the first impression creates a desire for them to return. Regular attenders of any church may no longer notice things that a guest will see immediately. We'll review everything a guest might experience starting with parking, communications, atmosphere, connections, and the worship service itself. This process includes:

Congregational Overview Program (non-NCD)

This review takes a bird's eye look at the small to medium-sized congregation who may have reached a plateau or needs to re-focus their energies after completing a large project, i.e. a building addition. Leadership as well as regular attenders participate in the process and have the opportunity to add input. This process can take from three to six months to complete. Depending on the outcome, additional coaching may be scheduled. The process includes:

Natural Church Development Program (NCD)

Natural Church Development is an internationally employed technique for assessing and strengthening church health and effectiveness. Based on eight characteristics of a healthy church, a minimum factor is ascertained through a church wide survey. The five-step process includes Preparation, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. The typical congregation using NCD for the first time will commit 12 to 18 months to the process. Although some congregations do this work on their own using NCD resources, it is a big undertaking that often works better with the support of an experienced coach.

If considering this process, we recommend that you schedule an appointment to discuss this powerful tool and whether it may be right for your congregation. With a range of options to meet your individual needs and budget, all materials are included along with comprehensive training and monthly coaching.

Complete coaching programs include:

Customized Program Options

Each congregation is unique, and our goal is to help you identify and address any issues that may be keeping you from fulfilling your role in God's plan. While a single workshop or short-term assessment may invigorate your congregation and begin the process of revitalization, many find that some combination of these work best. We're happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your unique needs and begin to build a process suited to your specific situation.

Below are some examples of combinations that other congregations and leaders have requested. These may be similar to your situation, or they may spark ideas to create your own program. Regardless, we look forward to helping you and your congregation!

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